If 2020 and the CoronaVirus pandemic taught us anything it was the opportunity to embrace change. Folks who had worked in an office for 25+ years worked from home for the past 18 months. Remote work surged during the pandemic and shows little signs of returning to pre pandemic levels.


But what about construction? Most construction companies, classified as essential businesses, worked through the pandemic. Many Construction company owners have hailed 2020 as their best year ever in terms of revenue generation! Did the pandemic provide any opportunities for businesses in our industry to take advantage of remote or virtual work?


At CAHill we think so. One way several of our clients employed the concept of remote work was in their safety and training departments by using aQuiRe© an app based e-training tool specific to the Construction Industry. For the last 100 years or so, training has been done in large groups. aQuiRe© allowed our clients to “assign” training directly to specific individuals that they could complete at their own pace on their smart device. Think about the efficiencies this offers your business! Instead of a “one -size-fits-all” training plan, you can now tailor training to the needs of an individual. Instead of losing a day of productivity and paying travel time, you can assign a module a day to complete in a training block, or have folks complete a 10 minute module before they start their shift. And everything completed on the app is tracked and logged on our web portal providing you with liability coverage in the event of an accident, lawsuit, visit from OSHA, or insurance request.


Ongoing training needs are not the only opportunity to use aQuiRe©. Many of our clients also use the app to onboard new hires. The days of coming into an office and sitting in front of a desk-top, or a TV playing training videos are over. Clients can now assign a package of onboarding videos to new hires to be completed prior to their first day on an active job site. 


In addition, you can use our “Standards Reporting” feature to have employees log tasks they are required to complete, such as Tool Box Talks, Site Audits or Daily Vehicle Inspections. This eliminates the need to chase down the paperwork that invariably never makes it back to the home office.


Finally, we know each and every business is different. Your culture is different, your needs are different, your employees are different than others in the industry. That is why we allow the customization of the aQuiRe© app to your business needs. We have folks that upload handbooks, training videos, welcome videos, or training on a specific piece of equipment. These “custom modules” as we call them, are only able to be viewed by employees of that business. 


If you have a question on what we can do to help your mission, please ask. We are a start up company committed to providing the best training and compliance app to our construction professional customers.


I will say it again. Change is Good! Take a look at your training program and see how aQuiRe© can change it for the better.