COVID-19 Daily Health Screening

Navigating the new COVID-19 health and safety regulations can be challenging, especially as businesses begin to reopen. Many states are requiring employees to complete a daily health screening before going to work, BUT who wants to handle MORE PAPERWORK?

Paper forms take time to create, copy, distribute, collect and file, which creates more paper to manage and keep track of on job sites, and in the office. Our turn key, digital solution provides access to a customizable daily health screening, with trackable metrics that are easily exported for documentation and auditing purposes.

Highlights include:

• Fast & easy: Users can complete the survey in seconds
• Eliminates the need for exchanging paper copies
• Can be completed at home before employees come to work
• Reduces the need for paper surveys
• Users can be onboarded quickly and virtually
• Digital storage of surveys and reportable metrics
• Notifies management if survey is missed or if an employee reports symptoms of COVID-19

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